Web Design and DevelopmentWe help clients build their websites, website strategies and effective marketing through the internet.


Our focus with web development is "design-develop-perform". As the web strategy will form part of an overall business strategy, we work very closely with our clients to develop business objectives for the website. The performance of the website is based on measured outcomes, with the primary focus to seek a dollar return on this investment.

The team here at Binarix consists of individuals whose core competencies fall within three distinct areas - marketing/sales, graphic design, and programming. As the primary objective of a website is to perform as an effective and efficient business tool, we recognise that a web solution requires a range of specialist skills, to ensure its success.

Our marketing and sales personnel are responsible for working with our clients to develop a web strategy. They are responsible for managing our client relationships and the continued development of the website, working closely with our graphic and programming team.

Develop: There is a direct link between a ‘successful’ website and strategic website planning. All clients have differing needs, but what is fundamentally common is the need to ensure we accurately define what the website is meant to achieve and then ensure we achieve it.

Manage: The two most important considerations for building a ‘successful’ website are what you do before you build and what you do after…

Perform: Most businesses have yet to realize the full potential of web technology to assist them in achieving their business objectives.

How the "Design-Develop-Perform" Process Works:

Developing a set of web objectives at the beginning of the web planning process will ensure a ‘Measured Return on Performance’ approach in managing the website as a business tool. Performance! is to achieve our measurable outcomes.

With all facets of work we can break down our approach as follows:

  1. Planning and Strategy:
    • Research, plan and set goals
    • Set systems in place to achieve goals
  2. Concepts and Drafts
    • a collaborative effort to achieve the right outcomes
    • effective change usually means effective action
  3. Production and Build:
    • Develop a website to suit the business; albeit design, technology or strategy
    • Effective planning ensures projects progress as expected
  4. Launch and marketing:
    • Effective planning will ensure success
    • Marketing success comes from experience
  5. Website Management and Refinement
    • Monitoring performance
    • A tie back to the original planning and strategy


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