MarketingCorporate Identity and Marketing Collateral

All brochure and corporate identity design should follow general marketing principles in terms of planning and design:

  • you need proper planning
  • you need a proper strategy
  • you need proper implementation

We can show you case studies which show that the effective implementation of the above means an effective implementation into your market place.

The better the planning and the better the strategy then, generally speaking, the better the result, Similarly, the more general your brochure (for example) then the more muted will be the response.

Today with increasingly better technology in the printing industry we have lower printing costs. This now eliminates long print runs to minimise per unit printing costs. We believe in smaller and more specific and targetted printing strategies.

What is effective implementation?

This depends on your initial objective, for example:

  • The website objective
  • The brochure objective
  • Define the roles they play in the marketing or sales process

Design, Develop, Perform

Don’t confuse objective with strategy.

Most businesses want ‘a better image’ or ‘more sales’ however all businesses are different, with different markets, different products and different competitors.

Based on the above, how do you develop a plan, a strategy and a method of implementation? The almost unending combination of variables means that we need to have a proven and effective methodology when it comes to designing effective solutions for you.

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